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There are many people on the City Council that have been there a long time.  I think this has caused stagnation and a lack of solutions.  The city is growing, and we need forward thinking and serious out-of-the box ideas.



I am running at large to support all of Greensboro.  I think we need to find real, long term solutions to our disparities.  One of those ways is through job creation.  I'm the Executive Director for Triad Local First.  It's a non-profit dedicated to supporting small independently owned businesses.  I am a firm believer in the power of entrepreneurship and the jobs it brings.  A strong local economy is enticing to larger corporations and will just grow exponentially.  With the large new corporations set to build here, it is time to find ways to support the small, local businesses that will supply these large companies with services and parts.  There are several ways to support small business.  Tax incentives to refurbish buildings and grants are ideas that should be easy policies to implement.  Stream lining the process of working with the city to get your business open will be a top priority.



In-fill and development is another plan needed to help with our lack of housing.  I want to target stalled projects and empty lots to find ways to either help developers get the projects completed or find new developers to take them on.  


Further affordable housing issues are the prices of housing in general.  City Council cannot change the market but we can require new subdivisions be build with some lower priced housing and apartments have some Section 8 housing and some at lower rates than others.


As part of addressing our homeless issue, permanent housing is a necessary program.  Additionally having programs that assist with the issues that keep people in homelessness to end the cycle and get people into their own homes.


Parks and Inviting Spaces

Our schools are getting a revamp after the bonds pass at the county level and we need to take a look at parks surrounding the schools.  When we have visitors deciding if Greensboro is a good place for their family, we need the areas surrounding schools to shine.  I'm looking at the project Kansas City, Kansas took on to beautify and spur more development through their entrances and parks program. 


I also would like to tackle the trash problem along streets and sidewalks.  There are many solutions and I know we can find one that fits our needs.



We need a great recycling program.  This is complex issue, but I am ready to take it on.  Our current recycling program allows for too much of it to be thrown away. We need a new program that takes more plastic and reinstates glass collection at the curb.  We need to have a program that is easy to follow and picks something up every single week.


Water quality is a growing risk and while Greensboro has a fairly good water quality now it is an effect of climate change, and we must be ready to quickly remedy issues as they come about. 


While I am super excited to have Boom and Toyota coming to our city, I do not want to turn a blind eye to potential environmental issues because of their products.  There will be opportunities for small businesses to assist in keeping these companies clean.



I believe we need a strong police force that can investigate and solve crimes and de-escalate events to resolve them in a non-violent way.  We need new training and a new understanding of what community policing means.  I would like new services that do not involve police to answer calls for mental health and domestic violence cases.  This will free the police to focus on gang crime and other crime that needs the police to either stop or solve. 



We need a strong bus system that allows people to get around town and not just to and from downtown.  We also need standard bus stops that are run by solar power, have lights, a kiosk with information and charging stations.  I would love for every bus stop to be a repeater for a large wifi system that serves whole communities.


We also need to work on a long-range plan of dealing with car traffic and public transportation that does not carry the small town stigma of “not affording a car” but “the best way to get around town.  This could include trolly cars, specialized systems like the Pulse in Richmond, and even light rail. 


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